Selena Reynolds


Who: Selena Reynolds

Where: Selena lives in Mt. Tremper, NY and teaches at Shakti Yoga Woodstock,  Shakti Yoga Saugerties, and Menla Mountain Retreat. She also offers private instruction for both individuals and groups.

Training: Selena completed her 500 Hour training at Shakti Yoga Woodstock with Linda Lalita Winnick in July 2015, and her initial 200 Hour training through Woodstock Yoga Center with Alison Sinatra, Linda Lalita, and Barbara Boris in June 2012. She maintains a dedicated personal practice and continues to study all aspects of yoga both through personal study, her brilliant teachers, and staying involved in Shakti’s Teacher Training Programs!!

Offerings: Selena has been teaching locally since June 2012. She offers Vinyasa flow classes, Community classes, and Hatha, Beginner, and Vinyasa private instruction to support her students’ individual goals and levels of experience. She has also taught Kids Yoga series at local schools and studios. Her practices aim to help students develop stronger connection and cohesion within themselves through movement, breath awareness, concentration, and release of tension.

Why Selena Teaches:  Through her practice, Selena is gradually becoming more able to make sense of life on this planet and the intricacies of being human. She finds that the practice of yoga teaches her to stay balanced, open, and joyous, as she strives to act with love in every situation. (These situations usually involve cookie dough, handstands, and her three rapidly growing children.) Selena hopes to be an agent of joy, optimism, and reverence for life. Her classes are designed to leave students feeling nourished, balanced, rejuvenated, and empowered. She believes wholeheartedly that yoga is a vehicle through which we can embody our fullest potential in all areas of our lives, and contribute in an increasingly positive way to the healing of our relationships, our communities, and ourselves.

Favorite Pose: Adhomukha Vrksasana- Handstand!! Because she is a human who likes to play, and to feel her strength.

Fun fact: Selena has a black market vegan and gluten free cookie business called Mountain Baby Bakery.

Favorite quote: “Stop acting so small. You are the Universe in ecstatic motion. ” Rumi