Kirk Lawson

Who: Kirk Lawson

Where: For nearly the past 30 years, Kirk has had the honor and pleasure of dividing his week between the bustling metropolis called Manhattan and the energizing and serene Hudson Valley.  He teaches at Shakti Yoga Studios in the Hudson Valley.

Training: Kirk has completed the 200 hour Teacher Certification with Linda Winnick at Shakti Yoga Woodstock.    Having taught aerobics many years ago following some dance training and performance arts experience, Kirk is happy to be able to offer his insights regarding all that yoga has to offer to learners of all backgrounds.

Offerings: Kirk teaches Beginner Yoga and is particularly interested in meeting learners where they are to help them meet their goals.  With his background in and keen interests/passions with exercise of many forms, Kirk is also interested in helping athletes leverage all that yoga has to offer to help them succeed in their favorite forms of exercise.

Why: Yoga empowers us to help ourselves with a cadre of tools to align the mind, body and soul.   We can practice yoga anywhere, anytime  and without any peripheral stuff. All we need is ourselves: our body, mind, heart and soul.  Yoga is a personal and internal practice that supports us to excel in our own minds and bodies and can help us relate more successfully to the many external forces in the very busy world we live in.

Favorite yoga pose: Virabhadrasana II- Warrior II. We all have a warrior within us – a guide and protector to keep us alert, safe and prepared to succeed in spite of life’s many challenges. Yoga helps us keep in touch with and exercise our inner warrior and Warrior II pose activates it.

Fun fact: Apart from exercise, two of the greatest joys for me include cooking/entertaining and music.  I enjoy feeding the soul with food, wine and music.

Favorite quote: The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. —Ralph Waldo Emerson. I would add to that, aim big!